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Eight Weeks Before Your Move
Start packing YESTERDAY. It is a good idea to begin with items seldom seen or seldom used.

Have a plan addressing everything you want to move and anything you do not want to move. Check with local charities, or organize some type of yard sale to eliminate the things you do not want to move.

Begin to get estimates from moving companies if you plan to utilize their services.
Moving companies fill up fast and it is imperative to find out movers prices, method of payment, and company moving insurance policies. If you plan to move yourself, begin to secure boxes and help.

Change or transfer your insurance. Insurance agents need plenty of leeway to transfer or discontinue service. You do not want to be without coverage. Contact your agent now so that the appropriate action can be taken or click here to improve your coverage.

Research your employers moving policies paying particular attention to moving expenses paid by your employer and those expenses expected to be absorbed by you.

Begin to make decisions concerning your plants as most moving companies will not move plants. Utilities

Contact utility companies and begin to inquire about setting up new services.

Six Weeks Before Your Move
Secure all of your family's medical, dental and prescription records.

School Records
Obtain your children's school records. Be sure that their shot records are up to date.

Pet Records, Tips & Suggestions
If you have pets, it is a good idea to contact your vet to retrieve all of their files as well. For more pet moving tips & information, please click here.

Safe Deposit Box
Invest in a safe deposit box to protect your valuables during the move.

Utility Companies
Notify utility companies of your move in order to set cut off dates and ask about refunds of security deposits.

Post Office & Change of Address
Contact your post office and all subscription services including newspapers, magazines, water companies, etc. to alert them to your new address.

Two Weeks Before Your Move
Change of Address Forms
Now is the time to fill out and file change of address cards with the Post Office, if you haven't used the easy.

Close or Transfer Bank Accounts
If you have to close or transfer checking and/or savings accounts with your bank, do so now. Remember to leave yourself enough cash or travelers checks to cover moving expenses and those unexpected expenses. Let's face it, no one wants to think about cooking when moving.

Clean Appliances
Use common sense and begin planning to clean all your appliances, especially your major ones. Have a plan of action for the food in your refrigerator and your deep freeze. If you plan to rent or purchase please click here.

Prepare your vehicle for travel, and rent a trailer

If you are going to be driving your vehicle, you should service your vehicle now if that is required. Check your tires, oil, belts, fluids, and make sure you have enough gas. If you are going to tow your vehicle, make arrangements now for the trailer by clicking here.

Kids & Pets
It is extremely important to pay special attention to the needs of children when moving. Make sure children are comfortable when your move occurs. Make sure your pets are comfortable also. For pet moving tips & information, please click here.

Moving Care Package
Prepare a care package for you and your family which would include such things as money, prescription medicine, food, drinks, pillows and linens, etc. Make sure the appropriate boxes and luggage that are necessary for your family to travel are separated and accessible.

Retrieve & Pack Valuables
Remember to retrieve all of your valuables from the safe deposit box that you rented six weeks before your move occurred.

Flammable Precautions
Take gasoline out of everything that you are planning to move. This includes lawnmowers, motorcycles, go carts, snow blowers, trimmers, etc.

Immediately "After" Your Move

By now you know if all of your utilities are in working order. If not, check with the proper authorities.

Check appliances & belongings for damage
Make sure all of your appliances are working properly and were not damaged by your moving company. If you need to rent new appliances, please click here.

If there was any damage to your belongings during the move, report it to the moving company immediately.

Emergency Phone Numbers & Medical Facilities
Secure all emergency phone numbers and locate the nearest medical facility. Important emergency phone numbers for your new city can be found here.

Driver's License
Change your driver's license information. You may need to locate the nearest DPS office to determine what procedure you need. To find a DMV near you please click here.

Determine policies for registering your children in school. For Childcare assistance, please click here.

Explore and meet your new neighbors!
Explore your surroundings. No one knows more about your new location than people already living there. Ask your neighbors where to get your car inspected or where to vote. Ask about restaurants or movie theaters. Get to know the people living around you. There is no greater resource, and you just may need one of them someday!

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